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We actively encourage children to take up golf at an early age. It helps them learn life skills, patience, discipline, concentration and good sportsmanship to name a few, whilst having a good walk in the fresh air!

Our DoctorGolf Junior Academy channels all this into good things as children 'learn' these skills simply by having fun with a club and a ball.


"Golf Helps Children

with Life Skills"

Junior Lessons



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Junior (under 16)

Junior 30 minutes - Aimed at 5-14 year olds       £25 / Head Pro


Junior 60 minutes - Aimed at 10-16 years olds   £40 / Head Pro


Junior 30 minutes - Aimed at 5-14 years old       £20 / PGA Pro


Junior 60 minutes - Aimed at 10-16 years old    £35 / PGA Pro


Tri-Golf for 4-6 year olds.

These 5 week courses introduce some basics while having fun games with sponge balls and plastic clubs in a safe environment. Courses start on 9 Sept and 4 Nov.


Golf Passport 

These 6 week weekend courses cover all aspects of the game and finish with a longer session on the golf course to put it all together. Courses start on 9/10 Sept and 4/5 Nov.


Summer Course - These 2 courses are from 10am - 3pm - 24/25/26 July or 7/8/9 August.



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